It is called “time is money”. This applies in particular to the time you are waiting for valuable information. Fortunately, you do not have to wait any longer with Westarp Business Intelligence and Qlik®.

The term “real-time” has long been part of the normal vocabulary of a new generation of entrepreneurs and consumers who communicate with each other around the world and around the clock. Products and machines are nowadays exchanging more and more data with each other at an increasing speed.

Business life therefore requires to be able to make the right decisions more and more quickly. This is not a problem with information available with the click of a button. This is Qlik®. Exactly. We show you how you can easily and quickly gain the transparency that should have been a common standard in most of today’s companies.

We are specialists for the technologies:


Alteryx is the market leader in self-service data analytics. Alteryx Analytics provides analysts with the unique ability to effortlessly prepare, connect, and analyze all of their data via a repeatable workflow.


QlikSense® is the next generation of self-service data visualization and lets every user create simple, interactive visualizations. From all possible perspectives – at the click of a button, anywhere and anytime.


We rely on QlikView®’s proven, market-leading data and business discovery platform. Software that offers you true self-service BI and supports users in making innovative decisions.


Get answers to questions you may have never asked yourself before.