QlikSense® is the next generation of self-service data visualization and lets every user create simple, interactive visualizations. Allow it to feel your way when it comes to numbers and discover new connections from your data with your intuition. From all possible perspectives – at the click of a button, anywhere and anytime.

Discover many advanced, fascinating key features:

  • State-of-the-art self-service data visualization software
  • Associative research of your data and intelligent search
  • Advanced visualization options
  • User-oriented application creation by drag-and-drop
  • Ideal for collaboration and storytelling
  • Unique support for mobile devices
  • Powerful data processing capabilities
  • Suitable for sweaty use

An added value? Too little for the new generation.

  • Gain research and knowledge
    Fragen Ask questions and examine data to understand what happens and why
  • Data visualization
    High quality visualizations and summaries to understand the meanings in data
  • Daten zu erkennen
  • User-oriented creation of applications and objects
    Self-service creation of new visualizations that offer immediate benefits
  • Collaboration
    Share analyses across teams to make better decisions together
  • Communication
    Better communication and convincing presentation of results
  • Mobility
    Investigate, analyze and collaborate on data – anywhere, anytime
  • Application development
    Fast and effective visual data analysis
  • Management and Governance
    Centralized management and control – from small to large and from simple to complex deployments
  • Security
    Securing data and applications and robust, scalable deployments

“Sense” has this multitude of possible applications:

  • QlikSense® Desktop (stand-alone Windows version)
  • Contains all functions for creating visualizations
  • Applications can be exported to the cloud
  • Free download without restrictions
  • QlikSense® Server (full version of QlikSense®)
  • All functions of the desktop version are included
  • Possibilities of cooperation and mobile analyses
  • EiAn API for developers
  • Token-based licensing model
  • QlikSense® Cloud
  • QlQlik’s new platform for various cloud services
  • Web-based


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