Westarp Business Intelligence relies on QlikView®’s proven, market-leading data and business discovery platform. It is a software that offers true self-service BI and supports users in making innovative decisions.

Discover many fascinating key functions:

  • Consolidate relevant data from different sources into a single application.
  • Examine connections between your data.
  • Enable joint decision-making through secure and direct collaboration.
  • Visualize data in the most modern display formats.
  • Examine your data directly and indirectly.
  • Interact with dynamic applications, dashboards, and analytics.
  • Capture and analyze data via mobile devices.

And your added value? One is far too few.

  • Research and gain knowledge
    You can ask questions and examine data to understand what happens and why
  • Data visualization
    You get high-quality visualizations to recognize the meanings in data
  • User-oriented creation of applications and objects
    Self-service creation of new visualizations that offer immediate benefits
  • Collaboration
    You can share analyses across teams to make better decisions together
  • Communication
    You can communicate results better and present them convincingly
  • Mobility
    Investigate, analyze and collaborate on data – anywhere, anytime
  • Application development
    Fast and effective visual data analysis
  • Management and Governance
    Centralized management and control – from small to large and from simple to complex deployments
  • Security
    Securing data and applications and robust, scalable deployments


Get answers to questions you may have never asked yourself before.