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Transparent data analysis is our strength. Why do you want to do without valuable information every day when it is already available to you? Why not use the knowledge that lies dormant in your data and helps you make decisive progress? Why not create much faster, easier and more effective transparency, which is already possible?

Business life therefore requires to be able to make the right decisions more and more quickly. This is not a problem with information available with the click of a button. We show you how you can easily and quickly gain the transparency that should have been a common standard in most of today’s companies.

We work with you on every data string. Our passion for providing workshops, training, development and support is an emotional added value for our customers, in addition to our comprehensive expertise in the areas of consulting and business intelligence. Let us advise you in detail on the selection of a suitable system for up-to-date data analysis. Benefit from our versatile industry and product knowledge and gain detailed and profitable insights into the fascinating performance of modern business intelligence systems right from the start.

  Our services at a glance:


If you need help in creating QlikView® analyses, you can get them from us quickly. Define the project, discuss the procedure and off you go. Remotely or on your premises – the choice is yours.


Our training courses are designed to broaden your horizons so that you can use existing analyses independently and become more competent in broadening them. In contrast to workshops, our aim here is to convey complex knowledge more simply using simple examples.


On site in your or in selected training rooms. All contents will be agreed with you in advance. Your content will be the topic of our workshops. The aim is to teach certain procedures and to solve a certain problem.
Examples of workshops are::

  • Basics of data modeling with QlikView® based on a sales analysis
  • Intensive workshop on data modeling with QlikView® using inventory analysis
  • Creation of a dashboard with different data sources for the simultaneous presentation of key figures from sales, purchasing and production

  Consulting & Support

Incorrect or outdated data is more than just a nuisance. If your applications are questioned or the data is not updated, we will help you immediately.

We help you select a Business Intelligence system. Based on our experience with different projects, we can provide you with insights that you would only gain yourself after a solution has been in operation for a long time.


Get answers to questions you may have never asked yourself before.